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  • TRENGTHENS & MAINTAINS HEALTHY IMMUNITY: The science community has a great interest in safe and natural substances that can strengthen the innate immune system. The term for this is "trained immunity." Like muscle, the immune system requires repeated and continued stimulation to grow stronger and maintain optimal function. Biotest used trained immunity as its design goal when developing the I-Well formula. We've attained the goal with these four powerful compounds proven to fortify the body:*
  • BETA GLUCAN: Beta-1,3-glucan is a natural immunomodulatory agent, which means it activates the body's healthy immune responses and can strengthen and support sustained healthy immune function. Beta glucan also fuels the growth of good bacteria (lactobacillus and bifidobacteria) in the gut and supports the health of intestinal cells that act as a protective barrier. Beta glucan is a breakthrough for anyone wanting to maintain a robust, healthy immune system. There's nothing else like it.*
  • MICELLAR CURCUMIN: Curcumin promotes a healthy inflammatory response and supports neurological and cardiovascular health. But standard curcumin, even with added piperine, has poor bioavailability. It's super difficult to absorb. That's why we only use Micellar Curcumin solid lipid curcumin particles. Research shows these solid lipid curcumin particles produce 95 times more free curcumin in the bloodstream than standardized turmeric curcumin with piperine.*
  • MICROENCAPSULATED VITAMIN D3: The body requires Vitamin D3 for maintaining an optimal inflammatory response and healthy immune system. It's challenging to achieve or maintain adequate levels of D3 with most supplements. That's why the I-Well formula contains microencapsulated vitamin D3, which presents as tiny "beadlets" that enhance uptake. Studies show this microencapsulated form is the most bioavailable and longest-lasting, making it superior to standard oil-based vitamin D3 supplements.*
  • EGCG: EGCG supports cardiovascular, brain, metabolic, and cellular health. It's a powerful health-promoting polyphenol found in green tea with positive effects on the body's inflammation response. A host of studies show EGCG has protective effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It promotes cellular health and stimulates metabolic function.* *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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